Saturday, May 26, 2012

Confidence on our Own

With the latest external threats of our sovereignty, the country is again filled up with opinions from left to right. With allies not supporting the stand of the country as we expect them to be, the Philippines found itself more alone and vulnerable. This must be a wake up call to all. We must work together, build up our economy and when we criticize, we will proactively do but not out to destroy our fellow countrymen. A country disunited is the worst defense against the enemy.

We must at last, look within ourselves and say, we can do it! We can be self-reliant; we can be at par and even greater than any country in the world. We have the best resource, our people! We must stand up and be confident with what we have. Let us focus on what we can develop further, enhance our positive values and bury the foul attitudes that we have as a nation. This is the best defense that we can have. We can never be forever dependent. We need to stand up as a nation and move forward as one. We can and we will!

by aats

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