Friday, March 27, 2020

To Discern What is of Value

Philippians 1:10

When everything is taken from us, when what we are anchored for is gone, we are confronted with the fundamental reality of what is of value in life.

This corona virus pandemic is showing us what is truly of value in life. Fame, wealth and power proves to be dismally inadequate in giving health, safety and peace.

When everything is in chaos, when everything is questionable and when everything is uncertain, there is The One who is Peace, Answer and Certain Himself.

Let us go back to The One who is essential to us.

by aats

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Of Encounters and Pursuits

I have seen it first hand, a bad boy when single but once he found the love of his life, he changed. We say, “nakahanap ng katapat!”(He found his equal!) Yes, he did. He found a more powerful force, love. When you are in front of love, you cannot but change for good.

That is why it is important to provide opportunities for encounter because when someone encounters love and experience it; it changes us for good.

Have you experienced being pursued by someone so in love with you? In many instances, when you are being pursued relentlessly, bibigay ka talaga e. (You will give in eventually) “Napakatiyaga niya kasi.” (He’s just too persistent.) You cannot but give in to love. And with it, is the change that comes after, a change for good.

The experience of pursuit, is not just in courtship, it is found in everyday life. With our parents pursuing us, persistently encouraging us to take on something; with teachers and mentors who persuades and pushes us to do the right thing. These good people who have nothing but good intentions for us, changes us for good. This is truly an encounter of love.

We wonder why there are people who are so rude and bad? Probably they haven’t been pursued, “siguro walang nanunuyo, walang nanliligaw.” (Maybe nobody pursued.)

We should allow ourselves to be pursued and enjoy the pursuit.

Allow yourself to be loved.

Kapag kristiyano ka, hindi ka nasa firing squad. May nanliligaw sayo, may nagmamahal sayo. (If you are a Christian, you are not on the firing squad. Someone is pursuing you; someone is loving you.) Jesus, the relentless lover. Allow him to pursue you.

by aats

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Self Help Generation

This self-help approach of our generation is leading us only to despair. We can never be fully independent, we will always need the help of others and as long as we continue to insist that we can do it on our own and we can solve problems on our own all the time, the more we are prone to despair.

The feelings of loneliness, hopelessness, sadness, and yes depression cannot be solve by just self-help books and youtube videos. Go beyond your own thoughts of despair and go out there, help those people in need. You will not only realize that they have far more reason to be sad than you but more so, you will find what truly makes you happy and fulfilled. Do not settle for self-help and self-fix books and videos. Godly relationships coupled with a heart ready to serve those in need are the “not so secret” antidote.

We are healed when we are with people in need.

by aats

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Look Out

The default tendency of always looking at what would be good for ourselves has brought only unnecessary anxiety and depression. The best antidote to anxiety and depression is looking at what would be good for others. Are you sad? Don’t stay in your room, go out and serve those in need. Go out into the senior’s homes, hospitals, prisons and yes slums. There you will find meaning and fulfillment. Be generous not just materially, be generous with your time. Don’t keep time to yourself, share it to others. Sounds cliché? Try it.

by aats

Without the Heart

Without the heart, everything will just be a waste. The work works when the heart is in the right place. Whatever structure and papers to fill in, if the heart is not there, it’s a “cul du sac”, dead end.

No amount of SWOT analysis and reports can increase the mission of God if the heart is somewhere else.

Where is our heart?

The pastoral aspect should be given priority always, that is what is lacking. The mission is not a corporation and our reports are not just papers but our passion for Christ and His mission we put into it.

It’s not the papers. It is the witnessing. Even the bible came after the oral tradition. It is not the structure nor the form, but the substance… When I look at you, will it make me run towards Christ? That’s very basic. Whatever reports we do; nothing happens if the kind of leadership we have continues. No amount of SWOT analysis can save any community, if it’s leadership will not truly live out the vision and mission. No amount of statistics and brainstorming will save the community.

Let’s all go back to why we are here. 

Conviction and passion gives energy!

by aats