Wednesday, April 20, 2016

You Don’t Lose Yourself in Love

I was with some friends talking random stuff including about relationships. Someone asked to a brother why his relationship with someone ended. He answered, “I felt I lost myself.” Then along the way, he realized, the split up was helpful for him to know himself and find what he really wants. He then started to win her over again.

I think it is important in every relationship that individuality of a person remains even as the person gives himself freely. It is in this act of self-giving that the person finds what he actually can sacrifice. So when we enter into a relationship and “fall” in love, we actually don’t fall, we fly freely in love because love does not imprisons, it frees!

It is in this freedom that we find ourselves fully.

You don’t lose yourself in love, you find yourself in love. Love is a homecoming. It leads you to your true self.

Are you currently lost in your relationship? Maybe it’s time to reflect if it is really for you.

by aats 

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