Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Counting the Cost

Cardinal Chito Tagle of Manila said in one of his homily, “The lord has given you so much, why are you counting the cost? Give... Give... It is not enough that you work for the glory of God, work for the greater glory of God.”

Why are we counting the cost? Is life not enough? Life is blessing itself. I think the desire to have more things leads to undesirable things, because most of the time, the things that we are seeking eventually fades away and ultimately fails to satisfy.

There is a danger in looking at ourselves most of the time, because there is the tendency to always satiate ourselves that leads to more thirst and longing. The antidote is looking beyond self. It is by seeking and desiring what is good for others that eventually brings fulfillment in life. So as the good Cardinal said, “Give.” But give not just what is good but what is best for others for the greater glory of God.

by aats 

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