Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Of Wisdom Tooth

So I just had my impacted wisdom tooth removed! The procedure lasted longer than expected; the doctor was having a hard time extracting it. Then of course the pain that comes, after the anesthesia was gone. And, comes also the difficulty eating… Oh my, however the gain is still worth the pain. I guess, it’s the same with life; we need to go through some extraction, be it a certain situation, a mindset, or even people if only it will contribute to something good in the end.

Another thing about this whole extraction thing is that, I am forced to keep silent. This is good actually, it forces me to listen, and it’s funny because last weekend’s retreat for SFC, we just discussed about the importance of silence. So, here I am, forced to be silent and benefiting from the beauty of it.

In all things, God be glorified.

by aats

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  1. I love how you can find lessons in everything because you are open to God's teachings.