Monday, April 2, 2018

On Generosity

There’s this pious tradition in our Catholic faith included in the 6th station of the cross about Saint Veronica wiping Jesus face. This is for me one of the most moving scenes in the whole drama of Calvary. Imagine a man walking down the road carrying a heavy load, visibly suffering and in pain, feeling humiliated and disowned and then suddenly comes someone along, no words spoken, just a simple gesture of wiping the tired face of the man. What a moving sight to behold!

Veronica showed that generosity doesn’t have to be just giving material things. It is presence and simple gestures of compassion.

In my own reflection, there is another side of the story. It was not just her act that highlights generosity. Jesus allowed Veronica to wipe his face. He allowed himself to be comforted. Jesus knew that wiping his face will not lessen the pain but nevertheless, it can bring him comfort and embrace in a very difficult circumstance. That’s what makes it beautiful! There was an acceptance of a generous gesture and it gives Jesus a little push to go on and finish what He has promised.

Generosity accepted in humility bears good fruits.

There is God in receiving as much as in giving! Generosity finds its fulfillment in acceptance.

Can we be generous receiver?

by aats

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