Friday, February 23, 2018

See You

The typical parting greeting is usually “See you soon,” however one time while on mission, a co-missionary of mine said to me, “See you in the Eucharist!” I find it more beautiful!

Indeed we always feel and see each other when we celebrate and receive the Eucharist. It is a real sign of a real presence that transcends physical presence bringing us to a profound reality that in Christ we are one. We are one in a relationship that goes beyond physical presence. All our longings and desires, hopes and dreams joins together to the One who is the source of it all, thereby allowing us to experience a relationship that is more complete and real.

Isn’t it beautiful that a relationship can go beyond physical needs of being together always towards a greater understanding that it can be nurtured with a deeper union that is spiritual? I would like to believe that a deeper understanding of the Eucharist would help so many struggling relationships.

So until then, “See you in the Eucharist!”

by aats

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