Thursday, November 9, 2017

Selfless Love

Unreciprocated love is cruel but mission makes it beautiful. It is in mission that we find joy and fulfillment in loving without expecting to be love in return. We simply find joy in giving; be it time, talent, treasure and yes ourselves. Why is this so? I believe it is imbedded in us, the desire to love and serve. (This is one more proof that God created us in His image and likeness, including the character that is of Him.)

I have asked some friends, “What do you prefer; to love or be loved?” Most answers if not all is that they prefer to love than be loved. They find beauty in loving the other more than the other loving them. The problem lies in the expectation that the other will do the same. However that does not happen always. The key then, is to expect not but rather focus on the loving.

On the other hand, if this selfless act is reciprocated it becomes a beautiful exchange of love.

However, even without love in return, it is beautiful still. In fact, it is perfectly beautiful because it is selfless. And so we love and continue to do so without expecting in return.

by aats

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