Tuesday, May 2, 2017

On Mission

There is always the danger of easily getting impatient in mission, impatient on the growth either area or leaders, impatient in mission assignments and impatient on oneself.

Mission had been defined as a tasked or a special and specific assignment given by someone. For Christians, it is an answer to the call of Jesus to spread the gospel of love. Therefore when we put ourselves in mission, we put ourselves in the one who sends us. This means we don’t have control over our assignments; we go wherever He sends us, even last minute. Planning is good for mission, however it can also hinder the spontaneity of the Spirit when one becomes so rigid about it. What is important is we are available when opportunity for mission comes.

I think that’s the beauty of mission, we trust in the goodness of the one who send us, knowing fully well that it will be for the greater good of the mission of Christ. (Take note: not even thinking for our own good.)

Denying oneself, once emotions and feelings, even personal choices will be of big help if we want to stay sane in mission. After all, that is what Christ had practiced and we ought to follow.

More attachments mean more things to let go and the less objective we can be in mission. Less attachments means fewer things to let go and more objective we can be in mission.

by aats

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  1. On impatience, that's a struggle one needs to work through. Let go and Let God.

    On Spontaneity, if the Holy Spirit wills it, He will remove all obstacles to make it come to pass. No matter how solid the plans are, God can turn things around in an instant. Like you said, Trust.

    On denying one's emotions and feelings, if you do that you cease to be human. Humans need personal connections and relationships to thrive. God sends people in our lives for a reason. Emotions and feelings are universal languages that connect us to others.

    On letting go, I will paraphrase Winnie the Pooh's words. How lucky we are to have something that makes saying goodbye (letting go) so hard.

    We savor each moment and Trust in God's providence to get us through the tough times. We fall but we get back on our feet. That's how we grow in faith.