Saturday, April 15, 2017

In Limbo

Good Friday is done; He had offered himself already on the cross. What’s next? Black Saturday, I always associate this day as a day of anticipation. Is it going to happen? Is He going to resurrect? Hope had been dashed somehow on Friday and yet the disciples remember the promise. They cling to it because they believe.

We have so many hopes and dreams and some of it crushed so badly we could barely stand up again. Are we on a Black Saturday? Is our life in this sort of limbo? Broken and dream just died and yet at the same time clinging on to a glimmer of hope? Is there reason to hang on? What’s next? Is it going to happen? Questions arise only to be answered with more questions. “Do this in remembrance of me.” These words echoes a promise that everything He said, He would do.

There is enough reason to hope. “A little while my child, and I will make all things new.”

Jesus, we hope in you. Amen.

by aats 

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