Friday, April 21, 2017

Better Than I

When our hope is dashed, truth, no matter how painful is the best way forward. Sometimes we are tempted to live in our illusion and assumption rather than face the truth because we fear its sword. But sooner or later, it will catch up on us whether we like it or not. So better yet face it, live with it and leave everything to God.

Nothing is permanent in this world, including pain. Do not be afraid of pain if only to realize that you can actually love that much. Remember the song, “Better then I”? When we thought that what we are doing is right, we ended up asking God how to help us, only to realize God knows better than us. This is part of getting through.

Let the lyrics of the song inspires you to move ahead with the knowledge that it will be alright.

Better Than I
Joy Williams

I thought I did what's right
I thought I had the answer
I thought I chose the surest road
But that road led me here
So I put up a fight
And told You how to help me
And just when I had given up
The truth is coming clear

For You know better than I
You know the way
I've let go, the need to know why
Cause You know better than I

If this has been a test
I cannot see the reason
But maybe knowin', I don't know
Is part of gettin through
I try to do what's best
And faith has made it easy
To see the best thing I can do
Is put my faith in You


I saw one cloud and thought it was the sky
I saw a bird and thought that I could follow
But it was You who taught them how to fly
If I let you reach me, will You teach me

For You know better than I
You know the way
I've let go, the need to know why
I'll take what answer You supply
Cause You know better than I

Lord, I may not fully understand why but grant me the grace of peace knowing You know better than I. Amen.

by aats 

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  1. Sometimes we can't handle the truth but truth will always set you free.

    Yes, it's painful now but trust that God has prepared something better for you.