Monday, January 9, 2017

Sin of Omission

I’ve heard before someone shared to me about sin of omission, that it is a sin of failing to do good. It can be as simple as failing to help an old person crossing the street to failing to voice or stop a bad thing happening before your own eyes. However, last month I realized it’s not just about failing to do good; sin of omission is also about failing to appreciate the good. When we fail to appreciate even the little good things that we actually have, such as the air that we breathe and the simple fact that we can walk or talk.

This has become more apparent to me when I got sick, “very sick” a month ago. A month before that I was already going to numerous doctor appointments. It got worst instead and by December I was full blown sick. And this was Christmas season, worst time of the year to get sick. I could barely move because I was always in pain. I was in bed most of the time. Every little movement was painful. It was hard for me to even walk and sit.

The situation made me look back on the things I used to do with ease and now I couldn’t, simple things as sitting comfortably, walking without pain, and eating well. Being deprived of it made me fully grasped what a beautiful thing to sit well, walk well and eat well and I only realized it when it was taken away from me. I failed to appreciate all the good things God has given me.

This is a reminder for more sensitivity to the little things but actually very essential to quality of life.

It also slaps me with the truth that has always been there, “I am nothing without God!” Oh how simple this truth is but seldom acknowledged and appreciated!

How many times we fail to appreciate the things that are always there for us?

Lord God, sorry for failing to appreciate the good and grant us the grace to see blessings in everything. Amen.

by aats


  1. Sorry to hear that you were sick and the next post you mentioned desolation. You will be in my prayers for healing now. Thank you for giving up complacency and comfortability in order to further God's kingdom. May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly!