Friday, August 12, 2016

Wheat From Chaff

Someone told me once not to read a certain book because the author he said support some “uncatholic” stand. Well it might be true, but I think we cannot fully discount some truths in some of his books. To gain wisdom is to read and listen even to what we think is stupid. Some of the things we believe in can even be validated by it.

The message can be true even if the messenger is not. The problem comes when we brush off a message just because we don’t believe in the messenger. The message is killed because of the bearer.

The important thing is that we know whom we are anchored. We are anchored in Christ and the truth that His church teaches us. Being open to read and listen even to the things we don’t like is sign of maturity of faith and confidence in God.

There is a grain of truth even in the words of a liar. We only need to discern to “separate the wheat from the chaff.” Matthew 3:12

by aats

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