Thursday, January 14, 2016

Surrender To Love

When I was invited for a road trip to Texas last December, I was able to attend a wedding of the niece of the couple who brought me there. It was a beautiful ceremony.

The priest said to the couple, “You don't need a homily, what you are doing now is a homily. Remember this moment when you encounter challenges in the future and it will remind you of your love for God and for each other.” He said further, “So many have fought for independence but today you surrender yourself to each other, for love.”

That’s the power of love, the power to surrender! I think it is more courageous to surrender than to insist on winning all the time. Here, character is tested and true worth revealed. Surrender is meaningful when you surrender to love. We only need to look at the cross to be reminded of this.

He surrendered to regain us all and in the end, Christ is victorious. And we, who follow His path, we are victorious too, because when we surrender to love, victory always follows.

by aats 

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