Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Candle of My Life

When we talk about Martial Law in the Philippines, the name of Ninoy Aquino comes up. His death (assassination) led eventually to the EDSA People Power Revolution. But I’m not going to talk about the politics of it, I want to see the humanity of someone incarcerated, of how long he can endure and how much he can give. On the 3rd year of his imprisonment he wrote a poem, The Candle of My Life.

It is a testament of the capacity of the human spirit to rise above self and yet also an acknowledgment of our own limitation. And when our limits are tested, comes someone who will remind us of hope and faith; of our conviction and passion; and, of our ideals and values. Then we can go on.

The Candle of My Life

I am burning the candle of my life

in the dark with no one to benefit

from its light,

The candle slowly melts away

soon its wick will be burned out,

and the light is gone!

If someone will only gather

the melted wax, reshape it,

give it a new wick

for another fleeting moment

my candle can once again

light the dark

be of service

one more time

and then


 by aats

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