Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Go Grow Glow

When I was still the elementary school, my teacher used to tell us about the “Go, Grow, Glow” foods. It tells what kind of food will make us energetic, stronger and healthier. If we keep can the balance of these three, we can have a healthier body.

The same is true with our spiritual life; it’s good to have “Go, Grow, Glow” too. The spiritual Go foods are the sacraments; on the other hand spiritual Grow foods are the Holy Scriptures; while the spiritual Glow foods are acts of faith.

Let’s go to the church, avail the sacraments. This will make us energetic!

Let’s grow in our relationship with God, read the Holy Scriptures. It will make our relationship with Him stronger!

Let’s glow in the love of Christ, witness our faith. This will make us healthier!

by aats

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