Tuesday, October 7, 2014


On Matthew 10:37-39

When it comes to following God, worthiness to the call means total devotion. We cannot be half hearted; it has to be all or none at all.

We are afraid to follow because we focus on the things and the people that we have to let go but if we also look at what we are about to receive, we will never be afraid of what we will let go. All we need to do is surrender to His Will and follow. Surrender brings blessings!

Fear of the unknown cripples us from following Jesus. But that’s a great deception because in Jesus nothing is unknown. He has been there yesterday; He is today and will be forever. He is beyond time. He knows. If He knows, what more assurance do we need? If we can trust doctors for our health, teachers for our education, and pilot every time we fly, how much more Jesus who is all these and more? There is no unknown with God.

To be worthy is to trust and to trust is to follow.

by aats

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