Sunday, June 26, 2011

You will realize that I AM... John 8:28

In our day to day to day affairs, it is so easy to see the things that hinders us, that gives us difficult situations. The same with our service, it gets so overwhelming, that we tend, sometimes unknowingly, to forget the One who is the Lord of service. Our service becomes a hindrance to our relationship with the Lord.

We have anxieties and fears but when you see Christ, you will realize that He is everything and nothing else matters.

If dreams seems to fail us because it didn't came true, if desires seems to frustrates us because it did not materialize and longings seems to empty us because we are not quenched, let us look on the cross and ponder upon the One who was crucified and we will realize how little are our concerns are, how small are our hurts are, and how pity our desires and longings are. For if we look at Christ, who desires nothing but love to the point of death, we could say, what a love!

When the time of fulfillment comes, when the time of dreams are realized, when the time of desires fulfilled and when the time of longings quenched, we will come into realization that He is God, and to put in in His own words, "You will know that I am..."

Until then, we need to have:

1. Patience - There is always an appointed time for everything says the book of Ecclesiastes.

2. Perseverance - Sirach 2 says, "Study the generations long past and understand; has anyone who hoped in the Lord and been disappointed?"

3. Joyful Anticipation - He is a God of surprises! Let us not spoil His plans for us. Psalm 139 says, "Even though You know, You will always love me." He knows! For He is the same yesterday, today and forever. So our desires are never beyond the plan of God for us.

And when the time comes, "You will realize that I am..."

by aats 

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